Aurum Leadership - Meet Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon, president of Gordon Healthcare Management Group, says with his name right there in the business name, his own reputation is tied to the services people receive under his company‘s care.

“This is a very personal business,” said Peter. “When people come to us for care I feel that it‘s my personal responsibility that they are treated the best they can be.”

Peter said the success of his company depends on the people who work there. He believes in getting to know them, making sure they feel valued and important, taking care of their needs and holding them to high standards. The idea is to feel more like a family than a company hierarchy.

He said in turn, this keeps the employees in the best state of mind to care for the patients and residents.

“We understand that we are only as good as our weakest person, and we need every employee to function at their maximum potential,” he said.

Peter Gordon

Peter founded the Gordon Healthcare Management Group in 1985. He is a board member and past president of the Massachusetts Senior Care Association and a founding member of the Aurum Network.