The Spectrum of Care

To find the right match for your unique needs, individual member representatives will interview you to assess your current status, and help to set realistic goals and expectations based on your history. Their knowledge and experience will help to ensure that you or your loved one will be referred to an appropriate program, with the proper coverage.

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The Admission Process

Should you wish to discuss your situation confidentially with us, we welcome your call at 888-445-2794. Our representative will be happy to discuss your particular situation, needs and concerns with you, and answer questions you may have about Aurum, our programs, and our facilities.

If an Aurum member facility appears to be a good fit for you, an interview will be arranged to review past and current medical records to familiarize the facility staff with your unique situation. They will also request appropriate insurance and medical contact information so that they can assemble all of the pertinent information for your needs.

The facility Admissions Coordinator can arrange a tour of the facility and assist you with the necessary paperwork, which includes your patient's bill of rights, resident's agreement, and admissions forms.

What do Aurum member admission
representatives do ?

Aurum member admission representatives work with you to find the right program and level of service to meet your needs. They help you to navigate the spectrum of potential care levels, and assess the coverage options that are available to you.

Individual factors can dramatically influence the entire picture, so it's best to rely on a professional to help you choose the best course for your unique situation.

Because Aurum member facilities are independently owned, they are able to place major emphasis on providing top quality care. The sense of connectedness and involvement you will experience with us is part of the Aurum Difference.